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Our approach to FENG SHUI WELLNESS DESIGN© provides a balanced combination of
the classic Chinese FENG SHUI practice,
Western INTERIOR DESIGN principles
& WELLNESS features

The ancient Chinese geomantic practice of FENG SHUI is the study and analysis of the interaction between people, buildings and their environment. It is the harmonious balance of space and energy through the most suitable allocation of rooms and the arrangement of furniture and objects.Various FENG SHUI schools are applied as well as the 3 Feng Shui principles of QI, Yin & Yang and the Five elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

The DESIGN element includes ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, INTERIOR DESIGN and LANDSCAPING DESIGN. The creation of a prosperous Feng Shui environment starts with the exterior space planning of the land to lay the ground for the ideal positioning of buildings, walkways and water features; followed by the interior space planning of the buildings and fine tuned by Interior Design principles which address the room layout, furniture, accessories, materials, colors, patterns and shapes, lighting, flooring and drapes to support the positive energy flow.

The WELLNESS aspect is addressed applying the SECOND NATURE© concept - a unique system introduced by SO FENG SHUI DESIGN for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being through the human senses sight, sound, smell, touch, familiarity, comfort and safety. The measuring of electric radiation, magnetic fields and radio frequency waves as well as noise levels completes this all-round approach to a total Wellness concept.

About Us

Alisha Merchant Veljee

Having been exposed to both design and Feng Shui from a young age it seems only natural that co-founder, Alisha Merchant Veljee would combine the two in Tian Yi Consuting LLC. Alisha did her Bachelor of Design Degree at Raffles International School in Mumbai, followed by a dual Master’s in Interior as well as Furniture Design in Florence, Italy. She honed her skills at Talati Pataki, arguably one of India’s leading interior/architect firms, before bringing her worldly perspective to Dubai.

Alisha not only grew up in a home blessed with a holistic approach to form and function, but also formally studied Feng Shui under her mother, Sherry Merchant. With years of experiencing firsthand the benefit Feng Shui and design can have on your life, Alisha now offers the same advantage to her clients. Starting with on-site as well as online consultations, teaching programmes, end-to-end home solutions and much more. The end results being a thoughtfully designed, aesthetic space with the undercurrent of Feng Shui working in your favour.

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Sherry Merchant

Sherry Merchant is no newcomer to the Feng Shui world. She has been in the business for two decades, and has been consulting internationally, and in the UAE, specifically since 2002.

She knows the pulse of the market here, having nursed her client base over the years, through the various stages of the ever changing economy. She is well- versed in property selection, having a thorough knowledge of the various districts in the UAE, and has the pros and cons of each one of them on her fingertips

Being familiar with the zoning laws in the UAE, she is able to provide practical and doable solutions keeping in mind that the rules here are stringent towards making major changes, and factors in the expat communities short- term requirements or the local residents long term one, and of course, whether the property is rented or owned.

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