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Destiny Reading

This is the first step of any journey that you may be taking into Chinese Metaphysics. It consists of what is known as a “Four Pillars Chart” that takes into account your date, time and place of birth to make a chart that you can look at to know what your life path is, what your career prospects are, your health & wealth potential and what is happening at this precise point in time in your life. You can use it to satisfy your curiosity, to take advice on a currently pressing matter, to answer specific queries or help in taking decisions, minor to major. Call it divine assistance, it helps you to follow the path of least resistance.

Aim: To understand at the end of this hour long consultation, your life path, your strengths and weaknesses and assistance with taking major steps and decisions like marriage, career moves, house hunting, property buying, investments etc, from a metaphysical viewpoint.

This can be done by booking an appointment at our office or on Skype or FaceTime.