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Feng Shui Consultation

Online & Offline Feng Shui Consultation by Alisha Merchant

All homes can benefit from a Feng Shui appraisal. We focus on the health and well-being of an individual and can alter the feeling of contentment and increase prosperity with our solutions.

Regardless of any form of destiny appraisal from a Bazi reading, the solution usually lies in fixing one’s property, or enhancing your property are suggested. Typically, one can expect, after a thorough survey of your property, to look at how the rooms are arranged, how and where the water appears externally &  internally, the location and orientation of doors, beds, stoves, desks and so on.

Once these are appraised, suggestions on how to improve the enjoyment of your property is suggested, and reviewed on an annual basis. The first time the Chinese New Year hits you, you are given a free update, and subsequently you can opt for an annual update for a very minimal charge. This appraisal automatically includes a Bazi reading for the family, or if in the case of a commercial project, the senior level of staff.

Aim: To ascertain if the property adds any value to your life or has contributed to any specific problems, and we will let you know how that can be sorted using Feng Shui remedies.

You can opt for a personnel visit by Alisha Merchant or one of her team, or do this on Skype or Face Time, if you are overseas.