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Basic – Intermediate

the various skills and methods that can be used to assess a property will be taught, and integrating them to get an overall accurate reading will be explored in detail, using live examples, that could even be your own.

Tables, charts and reference documents will be provided so you never have to worry about missing a step, everything is manulized for you in a completely fail-proof format, ensuring that you never have to rely solely on memory.

This is the instant version of many long and arduous courses condensed into one hard hitting dynamite package.

Chinese Metaphysics Basic Concepts

Using the Feng Shui Compass (Luo Pan) and its application & importance on marking up the Floor plan of the house, apartment, office, landscaping and knowing how to analyze it for a professional assessment.

Determining the Facing, a great stumbling block for many students.

Integrating the Date of Birth of the residents with the property to find effective solutions.

Understanding the 9 periods, the Natal , Annual & Monthly Flying Star Charts and their various uses,

The Complete Advanced 8 Mansions, a study that is totally independent, and that forms the backbone of any Feng Shui Assessment.

Course Description

Evaluating the house environment & making an assessment based on the shape, missing and extended sectors.

External Environment assessment using traditional formulae.

Gua analysis and adapting each property to individual Gua.

Forms & Formula

Advanced 8 Mansions

Flying Stars

Na Yin


Learn to prepare a professional report for a client


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