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Essential practitioners workshop
Practice of metaphysics
Template set of 8
Pro calendar

Today is a success day and a Jia day
Jia is the first of the ten stems
The indicator of growth
If you are always on the edge of deciding to study Feng Shui in detail or not
This is the day to start
Do not delay
We have an amazing deal for you
Take both our general live recorded in class courses that detail all aspects of how to approach a total solution
In the Essential Practitioners Workshop we start from the diagnostic process which includes Bazi and other means, takes you through the basics of 8 mansions, flying stars, forms, missing sectors, essential formulas and their applications and a full day of Xuan Kong da Gua.
You then move onto the Practice of Metaphysics which is solving cases using all of the above methods and includes Life Palace and Qi men Dun Jia for good measure

Sherry Merchant keeps you on your toes with huge volumes of information, beautiful workbooks, chest sheets and her entertaining style of teaching peppered with real life cases and examples from her 20 years of practice.
Best of all, there is no limit on how many times you can watch these videos.

So click here to change your life.
Just to make you happier and go ahead with your practice immediately, we give you the complete set of 2021 templates for each of the 8 house facings. As a helping hand when you need it.
So what are you waiting for
Click here and change your life.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.