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Salt Water Cure – Tianyi

One of the staples, at any consultation, is the famous Salt water Cure. You can read about it here or watch the video on youtube.

What is it for?

Each year a certain direction is said to be “afflicted” and is known to bring negative energy known in Feng Shui terms as “Shar Qi”. In order to avoid the ill effects of this negative energy, a salt water cure is known to be useful to suppress this negativity. Technically, this phenomenon is called the visiting annual star #5.

The size of the salt water cure depends on the size of the area to be treated.
For an average sized family home with 3 – 4 bedrooms, we start with 10-15 kilos of salt and copper or brass coins. Any currency left over from your travels work, pennies, euros whatever you have. They don’t have to be Chinese coins at all.

How do I get one? Follow our simple 1-2-3 method with explanations alongside.

The traditional saltwater cure can be easily made, very economically at home.

  • You take an appropriate sized container filled with kitchen salt to the brim.
  • You then insert 6 pieces of metal. These metal pieces range from simple copper or brass coins to 1 kg chunks of metal, depending upon the size of the area to be treated. Add a 7th coin, that is silver colored for good luck! (Totally 6 + 1 = 7)
  • Fill water to the brim. You may notice that in the process, the salt somewhat settles down, so add water and more salt as may be required to get 2 – 4 inches of water above the salt.

For larger areas we use a trash can or barrel with 100 kg salt and 1 kg metal weights while in factories that are huge, we have used 6 barrels of salt to cure the problems. And large pieces of pipe, or gym weights in place of coins.

What happens next?

Within the first week, you will notice some activity, even if you don’t actually touch or move the salt water cure. You may notice splattering around the container, hardening of the salt to a rock-like state or simply, either the salt or the water disappearing. In all cases, do what it takes to get it back to its original state, either replenish the salt or the water!

Where do I keep it?

This year, you keep it in the East of your property. The Chinese year starts on February the 4th each year and ends on the 3rd of February the following year, which is when you will need to follow the #5 star to its next abode. The 5 yellow follows a predictable path so we know at any point in time, one can predict where it will be at any point in time.

2021the 5 yellow will be in the South East

In 2022 it takes rest for a year and goes “home”

In 2023 it goes to the North West

In 2024 it goes to the West and so on….