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The “Just Say Yes” Service

What is it?

Just Say Yes is a special “back-up” service where we do the complete Feng Shui and BaZi consultation for you, and provide an impressive report complete with your logo, branding, colours and fonts, ready to email or print out. Nobody will know it is not you, as we will not place our logo or branding anywhere, and our interaction is totally confidential.

All we need from you is the floor plan/layout, a google earth link of the location if possible, and date and time of birth if possible. Send your requirements (or the clients’) and we will give you a complete solutions integrated with all the components of a perfect Feng Shui consult.

With Just Say Yes, you never have to refuse a job again, whether it is because you have no time, doubt your own skills or think the job is simpley out of your l;eague. Whats mre, you get to learn along the way.

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What will it contain?

You will receive the solutions to your problems in a Feng Shui Report that will give you the following:

  • Overview of the property, with approprate comments.
  • Auspicious sectors based on 8 Mansions.
  • Auspicious & Inauspicious sectors based on Annual factors, for the current as well as the following year.
  • Suggestions, Corrections & Cures based on several methods as may be required which may include some or all of the following; 8 mansions, Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua & QiMen Dun Jia with an emphasis on forms. This is done after considering the requirments based on the land formations and structure as well as the owners BaZi charts, and the needs of the client at that point in time that have been either specified by you or detected by us, or both.
  • Auspicious dates for the full year and the next if after August. (At least 12 months worth of dates)
  • Discussion: you may be required to discuss this in one or two meetings, that may be on skype or face time, or even email. You will have pointers to carry on a fully informed interaction with your client if so required, and will know how we have come to these solutions.

Who is this meant for?

  • At the basic level, it was designed for newbie students who were not sure about their analysis. This is a way to learn how to do a complete audit properly.
  • For people who may be consutants, but have some doubts about their analysis, and want to vet it with someone senior (me).
  • For a senior practitoner who is to busy to do the presentation or may not have the skill set or support to make such detailed reports, or does not have the time to service all his/her clients, hence has someone else help them out, so that you don’t lose any clients.
  • Or you love the Feng Shui work but hate doing paper-work, this is your happy space.

Who actually does the work?

Without a doubt, Alisha Merchant. Ofcourse we have a fully staffed office so the work may be carried out by a Feng Shui consultant working under Alisha, by her delegation, but she would oversee everything herself. The art work and actual presentation would be done by the graphic team and you can be assured that your report would go out as a perfect example of professionalism.

Think of this as your personal back office.

How do we connect?

Email is the easiest and best as we work 10 am to 7 pm weekdays (India Time +5 30 GMT) and many Saturdays as well. All of us in the office are connected to email and react to them as soon as possible.

Whatsapp phone, Skype and Face Time are all supported and we can do Video Conferencing if that is required. One person from our end will be assigned to you to handle all your cases so that a relationship is built up and there is a familiar face at the other end who understands your specific needs.

How do I benefit?

As a practitioner, you do the collection of clients, we do the heavy lifting and hard work. As a student, you learn how to handle clinets from someone who is experienced. You never have to lose any job becausde you are travelling, or too busy, or don’t know how to handle such a large/different/difficult project. Just Say Yes, and we will handle the rest.

Because this is an audit done by a seasoned and well known practitioner, you will get fantastic results that will be attributed to you and by extention, you look successful too. Nobody will ever know you have a guardian angel on your back prompting you along the way.

How long will it take for you to get back to me?

Generally 2 working days is enough but if you are in a time-crunch, we can vary that as per your requirement. Someone is always on call 24/7, off the record.

What does it cost?

It starts at 248 US$ at the base for a single unit. This includes a home, an apartment, a shop, or office and similar sized projects. For larger projects like factories and developments and malls, ask for a quote, it depends on how much time it will take. Prices and rates can be mutually discussed based on the quantum of work to be done, and what weexactly you want us to do for you.